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Hella Hair

Our salon & barbershop is all about quality and comfort. We understand the power that hair has in our lives. Thats why we specialize in providing the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your hair goals. Whether that is length retention, a crisp fade, or vibrant color, we got you!

Everyone deserves to look good, feel good, and live good.

Image by Adrian Fernández

Hella Healing

Our Mental Health Department is dedicated to addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual health needs of our clients. Our diverse group of therapists partner with clients to navigate some of the most sensitive areas of their life: including trauma, addiction, and discrimination. We also have faith-based work for clients with strong religious beliefs. 

Alternative Therapy

Hella Help

Our motto for Hella Help is “Case Managers that Care”, because there is nothing worse than needing support and instead being met with judgment, rejection, poor quality resources, or countless hoops to jump through. Our team is committed to connecting you to resources that meet all of your basic living needs and more. It is our goal to help you develop the identity, support, and hope to surpass self-sufficiency and achieve success.  


Hella Here

Coming Soon

Every other week our weekend workshops highlight an individual, organization, or topic. This is a unique opportunity to showcase local talents and efforts as well as provide fun, educational opportunities for residents. Workshops range from financial literacy and credit repair to yoga or braiding classes. Registration can be done in person or on our website. 

Hip Hop Class

Weekend Workshops

Self-i.s.h Database

We are comprising a network of local resources. Contact us for more information.


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