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About Us

The Self-i.s.h. Society is a non-profit organization that operates as both a hair salon and community resource hub. Our unique structure blends people from diverse backgrounds and gives them a safe space to participate in salon services, therapy, case management, youth mentorship, and community engagement. We believe that there is power in the comfort and communication that takes place in the hair salon. It is our goal to leverage that culture to normalize self-care from the inside out. By offering low-no cost services, we have the opportunity to break down barriers that historically divide people, and promote confidence and community. 


Our organization is rooted on the principle that Identity, Support, and Hope are essential to wholeness. You can’t have “Self” without the “i.s.h.” Our business structure and services are designed to cultivate these three areas. 

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Our Values

Compassion- We believe every person, in every stage of their life, has value. We treat everyone with respect and autonomy. It is never our job to judge, condemn, or even fix someone. It is our job to love. 


Quality- Everyone deserves access to high quality treatment, services and programs. We are committed to desegregating Oakland’s experiences and ensuring that our clientele always feel seen and at least slightly pampered. 


Authenticity- We celebrate our differences. There is no pressure to perform, fit into a mold, or follow societal standards. Our staff and clientele are encouraged to make healthy choices that feel fitting and freeing. 


Community- There is power in knowing you are not alone, and that you have somewhere to belong. As a community we have the power to understand, represent, and elevate one another. We are not outsiders coming in to save, we are Oakland natives taking a stand to belong together.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
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